Welcome to Stillwater Hotel, located in the Adirondack Park, on the beautiful Stillwater Reservoir. Claimed by many to be one of the last pure and untouched places in the United States, Stillwater offers a unique experience difficult to find anywhere else.

Come relax with owners Marian and Joe Romano on the western shore of the Stillwater Reservoir. The 117 miles of shoreline and 45 islands beckon, providing endless possibilities for adventure and relaxation.

We offer seasonal accomodation for one and all: the snowmobiler, hunter, fisherman, boater, swimmer, hiker, kayaker, canoeist, and especially those who simply want to enjoy the tranquil beauty and ... just get away from it all.

Winter BreakTuesday, November 14th - Tuesday, December 5th

Both the Hotel and Restaurant at Stillwater will be closed from Tuesday, November 14th through Tuesday, December 5th while Joe and I visit with family and prepare for another beautiful Adirondack winter.

We're back to business, refreshed & ready for snow season on December 6th, and will be open daily (7 day a week) with rooms to rent and breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the restaurant.

Hope to see you soon!

- Marian & Joe

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